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To provide high-quality, accessible health care is our reason for being. Bendigo Doctors strives to deliver top-notch, safe care for our patients in an environment our staff is proud to work in. We aim to help the community people live longer and healthier through delivering safe, personal, coordinated care.

We believe that by adhering to our vision and working with our values in mind, we can fulfil them in a way that will ensurethe right results for the people that matter most –our patients.

We pledge always to endeavour to be safe and effective, kind and caring and exceed expectations, putting your health needs first and always.

A Passion for Putting Your Health First

Some of our services

Bendigo Doctors provides your family with complete medical care for every family member, from infants to the oldest family members.

We offer a full range of services, from physical examinations and annual check-ups to managing chronic medical conditions,acute medical care, and family planning.

Women’s Health

Men’s Health

Paediatric Health


Travel Medicine


Antenatal Care

Medical Healthcare Check-ups

Early Intervention

Acute & Chronic Condition Management

Minor Skin Procedures

Seasonal Vaccines

Mental Health

Medical Reports

Small-scale Surgeries

Sports Medicine

Occupational Health

Pain Management

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A Passion for Putting Your Health First

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